5 Benefits of WordPress Websites

Benefits of Wordpress Websites

1. Complete control of your website

One of the main benefits with using WordPress is that it gives the user complete control, you can customise and make changes to just about every element of your website.

You can build just about any type of website using WordPress too such as a portfolio, blog, ecommerce shop, membership website, forum or even a social network.

All of these changes can be applied by logging in and accessing the backend of the website. You can even have a separate login for each user, by setting up permissions you can manage who has access and who has the privileges to make those changes.

You can even access your website remotely via a web login or by the official app. Giving you complete freedom to build and manage your website anywhere at any time.

2. Great for content marketing

Since the beginning of WordPress, it originally started out as a blogging platform and has always had this functionality built into its core. You can publish new content through the post editor and easily update and modify existing content.

The editor itself has some amazing features such as revisions which can auto save your progress and enable you to revert back to any previous revisions of your article with a click of a button.

You can seamlessly drag-and-drop images into your posts or pages from the media library as well as embed any other types of files such as video, audio and even more.

3. Extensive functionality

With the use of plugins, you can add extra functionality to your website. Need a booking system, eCommerce shop or even a responsive gallery? There’s a plugin for that.

Because the platform is open source, there is a lot of available plugins (currently 54,441) that you can freely install and configure depending on your requirements.

This means that your website is never limited to the amount of things it can do, however, please bear in mind that the more plugins you add, the more updates it requires in order to keep your website fully secure, and you should only use plugins that are trusted and are fully supported.

4. Great security features

Touching on my previous point, due to the popularity of WordPress (currently used by 34% of all websites on the internet) it makes it a prime target for hackers. Therefore, there are a number of steps that can be taken in order to fully strengthen your websites security.

Since version 3.7 WordPress has featured automatic updates, giving site owners peace of mind knowing that their website is going to have the latest security patches and fixes in order to keep security tight.

However, this is one of the many procedures that can be done in order to fully secure your website. Please make sure your web developer is fully aware of these suggestions in order to keep things fully secure.

Hardening WordPress

5. Search Engine Friendly

Out of the box, WordPress is very search engine friendly due to many of its functions that is included:

  • Clean permalinks – makes it clear for search engines and users to see what the page is about.
  • Title tags and headings – informs search engines about what the content is on the page and gives it structure.
  • Categories and tags – organises your posts and pages and makes it easier for a search engine to crawl and find your content.
  • Optimised images – add image descriptions and alt text for search engines to better understand your content.

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