Pay Per Click

The Main Benefits of PPC

Targeted Advertising

Show up in front of the right people

Target people that are specifically searching your products or services, locally or globally or even by individual devices such as mobile or desktop.

Immediate Impact

Fast turnaround times

You can expect to see results from a PPC campaign almost instantly, as opposed to organic search marketing which can take several months to really see an improvement.

Brand Recognition

Get your brand recognised

When people are searching online for a product or a service, 93% of people will go to a search engine before they make a purchasing decision. By being at the top of the search results and appearing for search terms related to your business makes potential customers aware of your brand, even if they don’t click your ad.

Measurable ROI

To measure is to know

When measuring PPC performance you can easily measure the cost per clicks (CPC) on each campaign. This can be then used to calculate the Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), which is the total profit minus the ad costs, which is then divided again by the total costs.

Limit Spending

Flexible budgeting options

PPC is very flexible in the sense that you can manage exactly how much you are spending on each campaign and even each ad set. You can also set a limit cap to prevent spending over a certain amount each month.

Lead Generation

More sales and enquiries

Depending on your goals, PPC can assist your business in many ways whether its getting more website visits, more phone calls or even increasing footfall to your bricks and mortar store.

Our Process

1. Ad Account Setup

2. Landing Page Creation

3. Run the Ads

4. Refine and Improve

Choose a plan



one off payment

  • Account setup
  • 1 Campaign + 5 Ad Groups
  • Analytics integration
  • Conversion tracking



per month

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly progress report
  • Monthly review calls
  • No fixed-term contracts

Landing Pages


per page

  • Landing page creation
  • Custom form integration
  • Conversion optimised
  • A/B testing